North Phoenix
Serving the Children of the World
Annual Walk-A-Thon

Registration starts at 8am, October 21st.  See Walk-A-Thon page for more...

Andre House Club Event

Next Date = May 30, 2017

Spaghetti Night!!! Come join the North Phoenix Kiwanis...



Many in our community are unaware that a collection of business and professional leaders have joined each other to work together to assist and improve the less fortunate in our valley.  One such group is the North Phoenix Kiwanis.  Please enjoy viewing our website and learning more about the great things that we do as Kiwanians. 

Our Mission Statement
Kiwanis International is a world-wide civic organization for persons desiring to make a sincere commitment ot the improvement of their communities through active involvement.  As a group, our club achieves what individuals cannot do alone.  As busy as we are, we recognize the advantages of associating with others in our community.  In today's competitive business environment, we must be careful in selecting organizations with which we become committed.